Disciples Bible Study

About the Author

Mitchell Durham, PhD

Mitchell Durham received the MA and PhD from Western Seminary in the integrative psychology/theology program. His doctoral dissertation was Christian focused and explored “Denominational Differences in Supernatural Locus of Control and Spiritual Well-Being.” Prior to this he received an undergraduate degree in Missions from Harding University. Having been licensed as a Clinical Psychologist in Nevada and Arkansas in the past, and North Carolina and South Carolina in the present, he continues to work in clinical settings that are integrated with a Christian worldview. His view of the counseling process can be summed up as an endeavor in discipleship in which the individual is aided in becoming more reflective of the life God intends us to live. This is both a human and God-involved process.
Whether as a Christian or as a Psychologist, Dr Durham has sought to help others develop a truly God-centered life. Exploring how to best go about the human side of this process while acknowledging ultimate reliance on God has been a lifelong endeavor. As part of his work in spiritual formation, he has led Christian small groups for most of the last 40+ years. He has also developed a format for accountability groups of 2-4 people called LifeChange Partners. He has been involved in churches as a lay leader, small group leader, domestic missions leader, elder, church planter, and a small groups pastor. Has has also been able to pass on to the next generation through teaching graduate courses at a Christian university. “Field testing” various formats over many years for Bible study, devotional reading, or guided discovery, both individually and with groups, has culminated in the format used here in the Disciples Bible Study Journal.

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