The hardback version of the journal spans 52 weeks of journaling. 
The hardback version of the DBSJournal can be ordered from your online or local retailers in any quantity you need. However, you will likely find the best deal through Amazon. A link directly to the Amazon order page is given here. 
Amazon modifies the pricing often. You can  frequently find the price reduced to $10-$13. If you have Prime membership, the shipping is free with 2 day fulfillment. 


The paperback version of the DBSJournal can ONLY be ordered on this website using the order form below. Minimum order is 8 books. This journal spans 26 weeks (6 months) of journaling. (see a full Preview here)


You may purchase a PDF of the entire DBSJournal for $5.
If you are considering using the DBSJournal in your church or small group, email the author/developer to receive a promo code for a free PDF download. 


You may download a copy of the 2-page-per-week format to try out and use as long as you like by making your own copies. This free download can be found here. You can use this website to learn how best to utilize it for individuals or with groups, as well as access the reading schedules supplied here. 

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