Disciples Bible Study

Use in a Group

If you use this group guide, keep in mind that it is flexible and can be modified as needed or appropriate. You may use different questions at times, or not use all the questions listed in the DBSJournal each time. Follow the leading of the Holy Spirit as your best guide.

A good opening for group is to explore what memory/meditation verse each group member chose for this week. You might encourage each member to comment about why they chose their verse. If it was shared with someone during the week, let the group know how that went.

Another good practice is to pray during the meeting, either at the beginning, or end, or both. It is often helpful to have people simply pray their requests rather than asking for prayer requests and then praying. After praying, group members can elaborate more on the item prayed about if needed.

Have someone read the whole Focus Scripture section. Have someone else read through it again in a different translation. A third person can summarize the main points from memory with help from the rest of the group.

Use the Explore questions in the DBSJournal to share what stood out in the passage, what it tells us about people, God, and Jesus, and what insights God is giving us, what he wants us to change, and how we are specifically going to put it into practice.
Remind everyone of the next Scripture section to read from the chosen reading plan. Ask for a volunteer to facilitate the next gathering. It is helpful to have the facilitation of the group rotate among volunteers. This increases the investment and involvement in the group, and aids in developing new groups. By the end of day 2 after group, the facilitator should have identified the Focus section for the group to start reading on day 3.